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Have you ever wanted to be on one of those glamorous TV shows where people have a good time and walk away with fantastic prizes? Would you like to do all this from the comfort of your own home? Well, thanks to TV Casino Games, you can now do that and more at Linebet casino. Television games or game shows are a new interactive form of live casino games.

They allow you to join some of the most popular game shows right from your computer or phone. At the same time, they offer the same immersive experience as if you were in a real TV studio. With this, you can receive a welcome bonus of up to BDT 150,000! Continue reading our detailed review to learn more about these live games, their features and the benefits of Linebet.

Learn how to play TV Games on the Linebet site and in the app.

What Do Linebet TV Games Mean?

Live TV games are casino versions of popular live shows that you can play on Linebet Bangladesh. These are live gambling games in real time with hosts, dealers and real players. This is much more than just flash games. Players connect via a live video feed and can then play just like they would in a real TV studio.

While playing, players can chat with the host, chat and have an unforgettable casino experience without stepping foot on the wall of their house. Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, Blackjack, Wheel of Fortune are some of the most popular TV casino games available today at Linebet’s premium live casino. But we will learn more about them later in this article.

In TV games from Linebet, play games live with dealers.

Types of TV Games at Linebet Bangladesh

The number of games is huge, and sometimes even overwhelming. Therefore, it can be difficult for players to decide who to play. You can find many titles based on popular TV shows that you simply cannot miss. As always, we want to make it easy for you. Thus, we will provide you with a list of the best Linebet TV games and explain their features, rules and gameplay below.

How to Start Playing TV Games on Linebet?

Taking part in a casino game show is simple and easy if you are already a member of a Linebet online casino offering these games. But even if you haven’t signed up yet, you only need to follow a few steps. Here is what you need to do before enjoying your favorite TV games at Linebet Live Casino:

  1. Go to the official Linebet page.
  2. Register and replenish your account.
  3. Don’t forget to activate the welcome bonus.
  4. Go to the “Game Shows/Live Casinos” section.
  5. Find a game you like and start playing.
Find out how easy it is to start playing and betting on TV games from Linebet.

Features of TV Bet Games

TV Bet players on the Linebet casino website receive undeniable benefits:

  • This category of games is distinguished by its reduced rate when compared to live casino games. Therefore, TV Bet is a more budget-friendly betting option and gives players more control over their budget;
  • TV Bet games are online in real-time so the player can join the table at any time without unnecessary waiting;
  • You will be provided with all the information you need with all the details. You will learn about cold and hot numbers from your dealer;
  • Another fact and advantage of TV Bet are that the games in this section are much faster. Players who often play live casinos will especially notice the difference;
  • TV Bet is a large category of games for every taste. These are different types of Andar Bahar, Wheel of Fortune, Teen Patti and Blackjack and of course others.
In the TV games from Linebet you can try a lot of different entertainment.


There is no doubt that Casino TV Games on Linebet have made a splash in the online gaming industry. These innovative and exciting games of chance are sure to take your casino experience to the next level. Whether you’re new to the world of gambling or just looking for a way to change your gaming experience, gaming-themed games are a great option. With so many developers focusing on creating these exciting casino games, you can expect to see many great games coming out in the coming months or years that Linebet has to offer.

In TV Games from Linebet, you can play exciting games and use a simple interface.


How did Linebet TV casino games become popular?

The gambling industry is extremely competitive and developers regularly create new solutions to please their audience. That’s what happened to TV games. The whole concept of games based on games that people can play online came up a few years ago, so it’s not entirely new. The idea was to get more players into the live casino games and it worked. These games are gaining more and more popularity every day and the number of operators offering them is also growing.

What is the Linebet Welcome Bonus?

This is the very first bonus that will meet new players who will create an account and make their first deposit. By registering an account on the Linebet website or by downloading the free app, you can take advantage of a welcome bonus of up to 150,000 BDT. Carefully read the bonus wagering conditions on the site.

What is the difference between live casino games and TV casino games?

Although live casino games and TV games look the same, there is one major difference between them – the dealer. Both types of games have a live dealer or host, but they are not the same. In live casino shows, the dealer acts more like a host. Like regular TV game shows, the host introduces the game to the players, explains the rules and gameplay, and then reads. When you play live casino games such as roulette or blackjack, you must know the rules and the dealer before you sit down to play. You never see a dealer explain the rules or anything like that. Instead, they simply organize the action when players join or leave the table.


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