Linebet General Rules in Bangladesh

To become a legitimate Linebet user in Bangladesh, every new user must follow a number of rules. The rules apply to our official website and the Linebet app.

Read the basic rules of Linebet in Bangladesh.

Linebet Rules for Bangladesh Users

When playing games and betting on sports on the Linebet website, you need to know the rules of the site for a more comfortable and conscious game. All registered users accept the Platform Rules, but not many read them in advance.

  • One user can only have one account. Also, only one email address, one wallet, one phone number or payment method can be linked to an account.
  • Before the account is confirmed, the bookmaker can cancel the user’s bets.
  • Only players over the age of 18 can register.
  • If the platform has some kind of update or innovation, all users will be notified in a timely manner.
  • Each user can terminate their account.